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Your commitment to Camp is extremely important and you are expected to meet or exceed your commitment because Peninsula Day Camp is a non-profit, 100% volunteer run and depends on every volunteer to operate over the two weeks. 
Every volunteer helps shape Camp! 
Day Camp relies on volunteers before, during and after Camp. Work or client meeting, doctor appointments, jury duty, etc. cannot be scheduled during your Camp commitment. Due to the registration and screening process necessary that all at-camp volunteers must go through, we do not have the ability to "call in" another person if you do not show up and complete your commitment. 
Training & Requirements for at-camp adult volunteers, click HERE.
Camp Name list, click HERE.

Did you know...

...that when an adult volunteer's as a

Unit Leader, it allows 8 campers to

be removed from the waiting list!

Full-time at-camp volunteers are strongly encouraged to be Unit Leaders and must be at Camp for the entire duration of Camp including the overnight(s). Campers are accepted into Camp based on the number of Unit Leaders registered.
Adult volunteers have fun at Camp too!

Unit Leaders focus on girl engagement, support, friendship, connections and stay with the unit the entire two weeks of Camp participating in programs as well as cooking and sleeping as a Unit.
About Camp tab, will show how campers are placed in units and what units will experience at Camp. During the registration process, volunteers are asked where they want to volunteer and with what age group. 
Camp names are a tradition at Camp and are displayed proudly on the back of volunteers shirts. All adults, Aides and AITs use camp names for fun as well as to relieve some of the formality of calling someone Mrs., Mr., or Ms. Camp names are approved and tracked by administration to avoid multiple volunteers using the same camp name. Click HERE to see the list of camp names that are actively being used or have been retired due to service or legacy.
Training and Requirements: At-camp volunteers are required to complete training(s) base on their experience at Day Camp. New at-camp volunteers must attend 3 training sessions and returning volunteers must attend 1 training session before camp. Additional training will be offered during Camp. Trainings are important and necessary for staff to be effective at Camp. At camp volunteers cannot be at Camp without all the required training(s) completed even if you have been to Camp before. This includes adults having a current background check on file as well as completely any mandated reporting training. For details on Training & Requirements for at-camp adult volunteers, click HERE.

Why Volunteer?

Peninsula Day Camp fills up every year, but the children of at-camp volunteers are guaranteed a spot.
Volunteers receive a substantial discount on your campers' fees. Check the registration tab.
At-camp volunteers can sign up tag-a-longs! Campers will come home with stories about their day, new songs and skills they've learned.
Volunteering with Day Camp is joining a community! Many of our volunteers have so much fun at Camp that they continue to volunteer for years after their kids graduate.
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