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Registration for Day Camp will OPEN Saturday, January 20th at 9:00 AM through Sunday, January 28th at 10 PM through the Camp Account system. You can create or check your Camp Account at any time.
Acceptance emails will start early February. We are proud to say we were able to accept all campers from the last 5 years!

Everyone will be waitlisted and acceptance into Day Camp will be prioritized in the following order; campers with full-time volunteers, campers with part-time volunteers, camper with a camp support volunteer and then campers without a volunteer. Acceptance is also based on available space. We do our best to accept all volunteers, campers, tag-a-longs and prospective Aides into Day Camp. 

For full registration, fees, financial aid, refund and cancelation policy details, please read the Day Camp policies by clicking HERE. Below covers general information and most common questions.

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Day Camp is one session over two weeks

Bus schedules are under the Transportation tab will be provided by location with specific pick up and drop off times. Campers and volunteers can select a bus stop or opt to drive through the registration process.

Registrations must be submitted separately per adult volunteer, camper, tag-a-long and female prospective Aide. Registrations are to be submitted through the online Camp Account system.
After registration but prior to the start of Camp, all adult volunteers, campers and female prospective Aides must complete the required training(s) and pay camp fees if applicable to attend Day Camp. Please review the Tag-a-longs "Tags" section in the Day Camp policies for details by clicking HERE.
All volunteers are encouraged to register as early as possible to ensure their placement at Day Camp. Day Camp is 100% volunteer staffed. All new volunteers are encouraged to register as a Unit Leader as it allows the volunteers to experience all aspects of Day Camp. To learn more about different volunteer roles and requirements, click HERE.

Day Camp Fees

Camp is a non-profit and basis fees on historical expenses, expected increases and future planned project expenses. 
All adult volunteers whether a parent grandparent, nanny or family friend, may sponsor the camper(s) of one family unit (siblings, not cousins). Camper(s) associated with a volunteer may be eligible for the following discounted camp fees.

Camp fees are not prorated or transferrable. All past due camp fees from previous year(s) must be paid before a camper can be accepted into Camp. Camp reserves the right to "drop" with penalty any camper that is registered that violates the discounted camp fee policy.
If we are unable to operate Camp for health safety reasons per San Mateo County health guidelines, we will process refunds based on collected fees after non-refundable expenses are covered. An example is if Huddart Park is closed by San Mateo County and Camp is cancelled. Refunds will be a sliding scale and dependent on how much Camp has spent on non-refundable expenses. An example is Camp may have spent 20% of collected fees on non-refundable expenses and therefore would have 80% to return to families. In this scenarios, if the camper paid full fees at $795, they would receive a $636 refund.
Invoices are available for printing through the Camp Account registration system.

$795 - Camper(s) without an Adult Volunteer, per sibling

$720 - Camper with refund-related Camp Support Job Volunteer,

          $795 per additional sibling(s)

$575 - Camper(s) with Part Time (Week One) Adult Volunteer,

          per sibling

$475 - Camper(s) with Part Time (Week Two) Adult Volunteer,

          per sibling

$50 -   Camper with Full Time (2-week) Adult Volunteer,

          $250 per additional siblings

$250 - Tag-a-longs with Part Time or Full Time Adult Volunteer -               please review the Tag-a-longs "Tags" section in the Day               Camp policies for details by clicking HERE.

$50 -   Prospective Aide Fee

$50 -   Additional late registration fee if accepted after the                   registration period closes per camper

$180 - Campership co-payment, review the Financial Aid section           in the Day Camp policies for details by clicking HERE.

Financial Aid

There are a limited number of financial aid camperships available each year. To qualify for one of these camperships, the following must be met:

- Acknowledge during the registration process that you are          requesting financial aid.

- Complete the registration process and pay a $180 copayment.

- An adult must register with the camper requesting financial aid  as either an At-Camp or Camp Support volunteer and complete  all requirements associated with the volunteer position. 

- Complete and submit the financial aid forms by the deadline for  the camp committee to review. Camperships are based on  financial need and may or may not be granted for the entire  remaining amount of the camp fee that is due.

Cancellations & Refunds

Payment is required at registration. Refund requests will be processed according to the following guidelines after the acceptance email is sent.
After registration, payment and the camper acceptance email is sent; you can cancel by email within 24 hours for a full refund.
After 24 hours but prior to May 1st: Cancellations that are received during this period will be subject to a non-refundable $100 administrative/program fee per registration, 50% of the remaining funds will be refunded per registration.
May 1st and after: No refunds for any cancellations received on or after May 1st.
To cancel registrations, please submit a cancellation email to monica at

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