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If a camper is not comfortable with the sleepover, Camp wants to encourage all campers to stay for dinner and campfire on the second Thursday. That gives them the opportunity to cook and eat with their unit.


Timing and Options

If possible, we suggest your camper stay until campfire is over. That gives them the opportunity to cook and eat with their unit. 

Campfire starts at 7:30 PM and you are welcome to come to campfire and leave after it's over or pick your camper up before campfire. Please follow all Huddart Park rules, including NO pets, during your visit to Camp. 
There is NO bus service Thursday afternoon leaving Camp and NO bus service in the morning to bring campers to Camp Friday morning. Please check the bus schedule on the Transportation tab to see how the second Thursday and last day Friday have different bus schedules than the first week of Camp. If your camper chooses not to stay overnight, you are responsible for picking them up at Huddart Park and bringing them back to camp the next morning.

Parents/guardians can join us at Campfire which starts at 7:30 PM. Please follow all Huddart Park rules, including NO pets, and go directly to the fire pit, do NOT visit your campers' unit. We suggest bringing a blanket or camping chair for yourself

Leaving: At 8:45 PM Daisy and Brownie units will be dismissed as well as all visitors. At that time, the gate will be opened for parents and all campers who are leaving. We will stop each car at the gate and ask if you have a camper, you will NOT need to check your camper out at Headquarters (HQ).

If you are picking your camper up and leaving before campfire we ask that you come to Headquarters (HQ), in the Oak Area to check them out, please do NOT go directly to their unit. Click HERE for details for early pick-up.

The Next Morning we hope all campers who decided not to participate in the overnight decide to return in the morning to join their unit for breakfast and Camp's closing ceremony. The gate opens at 8:00 AM and campers can check-in at HQ before rejoining their unit to finish the Camp experience. 

Don't forget on the last day the buses leave Camp at noon, pick up times for each bus stop are on the Transportation Tab.
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