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Peninsula Day Camp
CAMP 2025 - July 14-18 and July 21-25


About Peninsula Day Camp 

Peninsula Day Camp is a 10-day adventure in the out-of-doors at the beautiful Huddart Park. Activities include outdoor skills, hiking, singing, cooking, crafts, sleeping under the stars and making new friends.

Day Camp is 100% volunteer run!

Bus transportation is available.


Day Camp Schedule 

Week One: Monday - Friday, 9 AM until around 4 PM

Week Two: Monday - Wednesday, 9 AM until around 4 PM
                     Thursday is 9 AM and all Camp overnight and campfire
                     Friday is a half-day ending around noon

Older Girls and Older Boys have additional overnights
Check Transportation Tab for bus schedules as the two weeks are different


Who Attends Camp?

Adult volunteers
Aides: girl or boy teen volunteers 
Campers: girls
Tag-a-longs: preschool girls and                             boys of all ages

Girl campers do NOT need to be Girl Scouts in an active troop.
Daisy Campers: girls entering 1st grade in the Fall
Brownie Campers: girls entering 2nd and 3rd grade in the Fall
Junior Campers: girls entering 4th and 5th grade in the Fall
Older Girl Campers: girls entering 6th through 9th grade in the Fall. Girls entering
                     10th - 12th grade in the Fall may register as an Older Girl if they do not want                      to be an Aide. Please click HERE to learn more about Older Girls.
Prospective Aides: girls and boys entering 10th grade in the Fall up to just graduating                            from high school. Please click HERE to learn more about Prospective Aides.
Tag-a-longs: girls 4 and 5 years young and boys 4 years young up to entering 12th                              grade. Tag-a-longs are placed in special units, please click HERE to learn                              more about tag-a-longs. 


What do the campers do?

Campers and Tag-a-longs are assigned to Units of 14 - 20 campers going into the same grade. Each Unit has two Unit Leaders and one or two Aides (teens). This group stays together for the entire two weeks, Units allowing the campers to bond and make new friends.
Units participate in age appropriate nature, crafts, skills and specialty activities that are taught by Program Volunteers. Imagine the opportunity to build a fire, cook and eat outdoors, hand-crank ice cream, weave a basket, and choose your own leather and craft projects. All campers will even decorate their own camp t-shirt! 


Overnights and Campfire

Older Girl and Older Boy units can spend more than one night at Camp however on the second Thursday, Camp has a traditional campfire gathering and an ALL CAMP OVERNIGHT! This is a time for the entire camp to come together and celebrate that we have spent nine days together and spend the night under the stars with their Unit.
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