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We want to encourage all campers to stay for dinner, campfire and the overnight the Thursday of the second week. If a camper is not comfortable with the sleepover experience, please read the Going Home for the Night section below.

Please check the bus schedule on the Transportation tab to see how the second Thursday and last day Friday have different bus schedules than the first week of Camp.


Overnights are second week only 

Backpacking and Pioneer Older Girl Unit                      Can have up to 3 overnights:
    Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Older Girl & Older Boy Units (6th grade and up)          Can have up to 2 overnights:
    Wednesday and Thursday.

All Campers! Daisies, Brownies, Juniors, Older Girls, all Boy units and Pixies  
Can sleepover on Thursday and enjoy an All Camp Campfire! Boys and Pixies are tag-a-longs, please review the tag-a-long details by clicking HERE. 

AIDES (Teen Volunteers)          
Unit Aides stay when their assigned unit has overnight(s) and All Camp Aides stay Thursday and are assigned to a unit for the night. ADDITIONALLY, as a Thank You for their volunteer work, they can sleep over the last Friday after all the campers leave.

PLEASE NOTE: Medics and Admin stay at Camp and are up at night to help support campers and volunteers. Day Camp is 100% volunteer run!


Second Thursday Campfire 

Campfire is an amazing opportunity for all campers and volunteers to sit together, sing, cheer as AITs graduate and watch the tradition of Camp Aides hosting Scouts' Own.

AITs graduate! AITs worked hard all camp and earn their green volunteer camp shirt at campfire!   
Campfire is organized and presented to the campers by camp Aides. Scouts' Own is a girl-planned program that lets girls explore their feelings around a topic, such as friendship or community. It is not a religious ceremony or service.  

Parents/guardians can join us at Campfire which starts at 7:30 PM. Please follow all Huddart Park rules, including NO pets. At 8:45 PM Daisy and Brownie units will be dismissed as well as all visitors. At that time, the gate will be opened for parents and all campers who are leaving. We will stop each car at the gate and ask if you have a camper, you will NOT need to check your camper out at Headquarters (HQ).

The Next Morning we hope all campers who decided not to participate in the overnight decide to return in the morning. The gate opens at 8:00 AM and campers can check-in at HQ before rejoining their unit to finish the Camp experience. 


How to Pack for Camp Overnights

Label everything with first and last name.
All campers and volunteers are responsible for their own clothing and equipment.

Travel Light!

What you pack, you carry!
            - Outdoor sleeping bag (not a slumber bag)
            - Padded mat optional
            - Waterproof ground cloth, 6' x 6' tarp. We will be sleeping under the stars!
            - In a small duffel or tote bag pack:
                  - Empty plastic bag for dirty clothes
                  - Additional large trash bag to repack for the return trip (bags tend to get torn)
                  - Warm pajamas or sweat suit (NO nightgowns, slippers or robe)

                  - Change of underwear, shirt and socks
                  - Ziploc bag with hand toweltoothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush and/or comb

Please all the above items in a large duffel or large strong trash bag and tie securely. Attach the assigned Bus Name Tag (you will receive these the second week of camp from the Bus Monitor with extras at HQ) write your camper or volunteer name and unit #, to the trash/duffel bag and sleeping bag.

Please send campers with a backpack just like the other days of Camp. This backpack should be separate from their overnight gear and should contain: 
            - Mess Kit with Dunk Bag: eating utensils and unbreakable dishes
            - Older Girl & Older Boy units will be provided lunch and snack the day after their               sleepover
            - Water bottle with name on it 
            - Flashlight - with fresh batteries, be sure it works! 
            - Warm sweatshirt or jacket - an extra one in addition to the one worn to Camp 

CAMPERS: YOU must re-roll all your equipment and tie it securely before boarding the bus to go home. Make sure your Bus Name Tag is visible so that your luggage will be put on the right bus! 

Bedwetting Tips: Bedwetting is common! Campers drink a lot of water and get very tired after a long day at Camp. We recommend your camper put an overnight underwear/pull-up and a plastic bag at the very bottom of their sleeping bag. They can change into the pull-up at bedtime without anyone knowing, and put the wet one (if needed) in the bag the bext morning. The sleeping bag can rolled up with the plastic bag in it, and it canoe taken care of when they get home on Friday. Al campers change their clothes in their sleeping bag so no one will know!


Going home for the night?

There is NO bus service Thursday afternoon leaving Camp and NO bus service in the morning to bring campers to Camp Friday morning. Please check the bus schedule on the Transportation tab to see how the second Thursday and last day Friday have different bus schedules than the first week of Camp. If your camper chooses not to stay overnight, you are responsible for picking them up at Huddart Park and bringing them back to camp the next morning.

If a camper is not comfortable with the sleepover, Camp wants to encourage all campers to stay for dinner and campfire on the second Thursday!  That gives them the opportunity to cook and eat with their unit.

Click HERE for details about camper(s) Not Staying Overnight! 
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