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Older Girls that are entering 9th grade in the Fall


Option for 9th Grade Only!

AIT (Aide in Training) - This unit spends the two weeks learning how to be a Day Camp Aide and "interning" under the guidance of an experienced Aide.

To learn more about Aides, click HERE
AITs must be able to attend Camp full time: 

              First Week: Monday - Friday from 9AM to 4PM 
              Second Week: Monday and Tuesday from 9AM to 4PM and Wednesday from                                    9AM until Friday at 12PM continuously

Overnights: AITs have two overnights! The first is with their AIT unit and the second is the all camp overnight and they stay with their assigned younger unit.

If a camper is unable to commit to being at Camp full time and to spending both overnights, AITs might not be the right unit. No absences can be tolerated for any reason if you want to successfully complete and "graduate" from AITs. Only AITs that "graduate" earn a green volunteer Camp shirt.
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Why are AITs Unique?

AITs don't simply learn skills, they learn how to teach them! 
AITs cover all aspects of Camp, here are some examples: 

 - Learning and teaching basic camp skills (knots, fire building and safety, knife safety        and first aid)

 - Reviewing appropriate songs & games and learning to teach them 

 - Leadership and responsibility

AITs are evaluated during Camp to see where an AIT might need additional training before becoming an Aide the following year. 

AITs can earn hours towards
 GSUSA Cadette Program Aide service hours patch, for those who have completed "Leap into Leadership".


Campfire & Family Attending

At campfire, AITs graduate! AITs worked hard all camp and earn their green volunteer camp shirt at campfire!

The evening of the second Thursday, parents/guardians can attend campfire which starts at 7:30PM. Please follow all Huddart Park rules, including NO pets. at 8:45PM Daisy and Brownie units will be dismissed as well as all visitors. At that time, the gate will be opened for parents and all campers who are leaving. We will stop each car at the gate and ask if you have a camper, you will NOT need to check your camper out at Headquarters (HQ).

For more details about campfire, click HERE.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to "not graduate"?
The main reason a camper does not graduate from AITs is due to missing part of Camp. If a camper knows they will be missing a part of the mandatory attendance, they can still register and participate in the Unit as much as their schedule allows. 

Do I need to attend the Older Girl meeting if I want to be an AIT?
No. Campers entering the 9th grade will be given the option to skip the Older Girl meeting if they know they want to be in the AIT unit. 

Do I need to be an AIT to be an Aide at Camp next year?
No. You do not have to be an AIT to be and Aide at Camp. Everyone comes into leadership positions in different ways. 

Does being an AIT increase my chances of picking my preferred placements as an Aide? 
There is no guarantee even if you complete AITs that you will be able to pick Unit Aide or All Camp Aide.  

When do AITs pick their camp names?
AITs (or their parents/guardians) will be sent an email asking about camp name picks prior to Day Camp beginning. 

When do Aides pick a camp name if not in AITs?
New Aides will be able to pick their camp name by email prior to Day Camp beginning.

For more information on Aides, click HERE.
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