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Driving to and from Huddart Park
1100 Kings Mountain Road, Woodside, CA

Volunteers need to register with Camp and indicate they plan to drive. Camp will provide a parking pass. Huddart Park is located at 1100 Kings Mountain Road, Woodside and our Camp is in the Oak, Redwood and Meadow areas. 

Camp suggests arriving by car around 8:45 AM to park, get campers to singing tree and for volunteers to check in for the 9:00 AM morning meeting.

Camp has an afternoon closing ceremony, volunteers who drove to Camp are dismissed first. This allows them to drive down the mountain before the buses. This is roughly around 3:50 PM.

Due to other summer camps, there can be traffic on Woodside Road between Canada Road and Kings Mountain Road. Please use these directions to avoid getting stuck in the traffic and avoid adding to it!

Directions from Highway 280 to Woodside Road/Highway 84 exit


- Go westbound on Woodside Road

- Turn RIGHT on Canada Road

- Turn LEFT on Olive Hill Lane

- Turn LEFT on Albion Avenue

- Turn RIGHT on Manuella Avenue

- Turn RIGHT on Kings Mountain Road

Proceed up the hill and turn RIGHT into the park at the main entrance. Continue to the ranger's house and turn RIGHT at the STOP SIGN. Proceed down the road to the Redwood Area (on the right) or the Oak Area - at the end of the road.

Leaving will be the reverse directions when exiting the park


- Turn LEFT on Kings Mountain Road

- Turn LEFT on Manuella Avenue

- Turn LEFT on Albion Avenue

- Turn RIGHT on Olive Hill Lane

- Turn RIGHT on Canada Road to head to Woodside Road OR turn LEFT on Canada Road to head to Edgewood Road or an entrance for 280 North bound

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