Driving to Huddart Park

We are careful to know where every camper is at all times, from the moment they arrive at the bus stop each morning. If you need to drive your camper for any reason, please help us by following these guidelines:

  • Send a note with your camper the day before. If your camper wakes up ill or misses the bus, please call our emergency contact as early as possible to let us know that your camper will not be riding the bus. Include the following information:

    • What time your camper will be arriving/departing.

    • Who will be driving your camper. If it's not a parent, send a camper release form.

  • When you arrive at Huddart Park, proceed directly to headquarters, located in the Oak Area, to sign in/out your camper.

  • Camp staff will retrieve or deliver your camper from/to their unit. Please do not drive your car around camp.

  • Take Highway 280 to the Woodside Road/Highway 84 exit. Go westbound towards Woodside. 

  • Proceed approximately 1.5 miles through the Town of Woodside.

  • Turn right on Kings Mountain Road. Proceed up the hill and turn right into the park at the main entrance. 

  • Continue to the ranger's house and turn right at the stop sign. Proceed down the road to the Redwood Area (on the right) or the Oak Area - at the end of the road.

  • Huddart Park is at 1100 Kings Mountain Road, Woodside. Google Map

  • For more information: Huddart Park Web Site

Getting To Huddart Park