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Attendance Email:  

attendance at

If your camper is going to miss a day, miss several days, arriving late

or getting picked up early, please email us the following information: 

Camper name, unit, bus or drive and dates missing.


At Camp Contact:

650-394-seven seven three four 

During camp you can reach the Camp Director by phone or

email monica at

Emergency Line:

650-332-four six zero six

Should there be an emergency at camp (example wild fire) please call this number for information. Please do not call anyone at camp directly, we will all be focused on camper and volunteer safety.

If you don't know who is best to contact, please reach out to the Camp Director. Monica will make sure you get connected to the best person to address your concern.

Day Camp Phone Line 650-394- seven seven three four

Camp Director
Monica "Camino" Curtis monica at

Admin at

Business Manager
Business at

Health Supervisor
Health at

Program Manager
Program at

Aide Advisor
Aides at

Logistics at

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