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PREAMBLE - The Peninsula Day Camp is governed by the following principles.
            We ensure the organization's future through sound fiscal and ethical practices.             We create and sustain a continuous strategic future focus.
            We seek inclusiveness and diversity in all aspects.
            We will be accountable for results.
Peninsula Day Camp is a director-run volunteer camp which has historically chosen and continues to run and operate by Camp Committee. There are Executive Committee members, Camp Committee members, Camp support Subcommittee members and Program Subcommittee members. 


Every volunteer helps shape Camp! 
The Executive Committee is a dedicated group of volunteers that are also a part of the Camp Committee. An excellent committee lives in the future, guiding Day Camp forward and empowering the volunteers. The primary roles of the Executive Committee are to: 
            a. Set Peninsula Day Camp Policies
            b. Scheduling and training of the volunteers
            c. Evaluate the operations and needs of Camp
            d. Represent Day Camp in the community
            e. Preserve history and traditions of Camp
            f. Oversee and guide the budget and finances
            g. Review and update the Handbook, Bylaws and Policies annually

The Camp Committee supports and provides input to the Executive Committee members. All Camp Committee members represent Day Camp and serve as role models for parents. The Camp Committee will maintain open transparency with the community. Camp Committee meeting are open to the public.   
The Camp Support Subcommittee consists of volunteers who help with overall camp operations, food, health, finance, site, training and administration needs. Responsibility roughly fall between January - July each year.
The Program Subcommittee consists of volunteers who help with activities and programs at Camp for campers. This includes Crafts, Shelter Crafts, Skills, Service Project, Older Girls, Nature, Orienteering, Maps & Compass, GEO-Caching, Trial Walk, Active Programs and much more! Responsibility roughly between January - July each year.
Again, every volunteer helps shape Camp! 


We have a wonderful team of volunteers and would love to expand the team!
For more information about how Camp is organized and run you can review the following documents for details. 
PDC Committee Handbook
PDC Bylaws
PDC Camp Policies

Why Volunteer?

Peninsula Day Camp fills up every year, but the children of at-camp volunteers are guaranteed a spot.
Volunteers receive a substantial discount on your campers' fees. Click HERE to see fees.
At-camp volunteers can sign up tag-a-longs! Campers will come home with stories about their day, new songs and skills they've learned.
Volunteering with Day Camp is joining a community! Many of our volunteers have so much fun at Camp that they continue to volunteer for years after their kids graduate.
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