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Your commitment to Camp is extremely important and you are expected to meet or exceed your commitment because Peninsula Girl Scout Day Camp is a non-profit, 100% volunteer run and depends on every volunteer to operate over the two weeks.
Every volunteer helps shape Camp! 
Day Camp relies on volunteers before, during and after Camp. Work or client meeting, doctor appointments, jury duty, etc. cannot be scheduled during your Camp commitment. Due to the registration and sign up process, we do not have the ability to "call in" another person if you do not show up and complete your commitment. 
To preview Camp Support Jobs, Click HERE.

Camp Support jobs are limited!

Camp Support Volunteers must register as a volunteer and select a Camp Support as their volunteer position, Camp Support Jobs are limited and only Camp Support Volunteers that select and complete a selected job will have their camper(s) guaranteed acceptance into Camp.
A select number of Camp Support Jobs could involve a refund from Camp. These specific refund-related Camp Support Jobs have stricter requirements for completion and will be clearly posted as a refund-related support job during the selection process.
Camp Support volunteers will be contacted via email with a list of camp support job opportunities. Read all the job descriptions before choosing the job. If a camp support job is not fully completed, then the volunteer's camper(s) will be pit on the waitlist in registration order according to the date the volunteer withdraws from Camp.

Reimbursement Requests: Some Camp Support Jobs will require the purchase of supplies for Camp. Any person who would like to be reimbursed for supplies purchased for Camp must request reimbursement using the camp reimbursement form, click HERE, by July 31st. Receipts supporting the reimbursement request must be submitted with the reimbursement form. Any reimbursement request postmarked or directly submitted after July 31st cannot be processed and will be considered a donation to Camp. July 31st is a strict deadline Day Camp follows to stay in compliance with Girl Scout rules and regulations. 

Why Volunteer?

Peninsula Girl Scout Day Camp fills up every year, but volunteering is a way to guaranteed your camper(s) a spot.
Volunteers receive a substantial discount on your campers' fees. Check the registration tab.
At-camp volunteers can sign up tag-a-longs! Campers will come home with stories about their day, new songs and skills they've learned.
Volunteering with Day Camp is joining a community! Many of our volunteers have so much fun at Camp that they continue to volunteer for years after their kids graduate.
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