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Dear parents, campers and volunteers!

Peninsula Girls Scout Day Camp will be hosting Social Bubble Camp this summer! If your family participated in Family Camp last summer, it will be similar but upgraded to manage larger social groups and offer more than one day as an option! Social Bubble Camp will be offered between July 10 and July 25.

Social Bubble Camp will be designed for families and friends who are comfortable being in a social bubble together to act as a unit and enjoy camp programs at Huddart Park. An example might be a Girl Scout troop coming out as a troop or a few families working out their schedule for their kids to be a unit together. There will need to be 1 adult per 6 minors per group. Social bubbles will be spaced out at picnic tables and camp programs will be brought and taught by volunteers. A sample schedule will be available when registration opens on Saturday, March 6th at 9AM. 

However, you can pre-register your family now! Use the link below to enter your family into our new system, this will make registration for Social Bubble Camp easier and quicker on Saturday, March 6th at 9AM. If your family participated in Family Camp, you are already in our system and you can check all information is still current or add family members as well.

For current families: https://www.jovial.org/peninsuladaycamp/family

Thank you for being patient with us during this time as we adjust camp to meet community and safety needs. We hope everyone is staying safe and enjoying the outdoors as much as they can!

In community and solidarity,

Monica Curtis
Peninsula Girl Scout Day Camp Director