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Who can come to camp?

Girls entering first grade can register as campers and attend camp with or without a volunteer.

Peninsula Day Camp enrolls girls, aides-in-training, and aides in grades 1-12.

Boys and younger children of camp staff can come to camp too, on the days when Mom or Dad are working at camp. It's a great way to provide a real camp experience for younger kids.

Daisy, Brownie and Junior Units

Girls entering 1st-5th grades. Campers are grouped by age in units of 16 - 18 girls with two adult leaders and two aides. Campers stay overnight on the last night of camp.

Older Girl Units

Each year we offer a variety of themed units to older girls. Available choices may vary from year to year, but here's a sampling of themes for this year:

Pioneers and Backpackers stay overnight for three nights; AITs and other older-girl units stay overnight for two nights.

* The Aides in Training unit is for girls entering 9th grade. It is a transition year between attending as a regular camper and becoming an aide. At the last-night campfire, AITs "graduate" and receive their Aide T-shirt (with their very own camp name.)

Choosing your older-girl unit

Any registered girl entering 6th grade and up will receive a letter inviting her to the annual Older-Girl meeting, where she will learn about this year's unit choices and get to choose her unit. At that meeting we go over all the different unit options, the girls meet some of the unit leaders and see some of the projects, then they fill out a request sheet and list their top 3 unit choices in order. We also have a section at the bottom (that we carefully explain) where they can list a friend's name and we ask them very specifically if it is more important to be in their first unit choice or is it more important to be with a friend. Then if there is any confusion on our part we call each of the girls and confirm. So being with a friend shouldn't be a problem, but whoever the friend is, the girls have to choose the same unit.


For girls and boys 10th grade and up. See our aides page for more information.

Many of our staff started coming to camp as children and never stopped. Campers look forward to the year when they'll be old enough to become aides. At the last-night campfire each year, our 9th grade Aides in Training have a "graduation" ceremony during which they receive their aide T-shirts with their own camp name on the back.

Younger Children and Boys

Your Pixies and Boys are welcome to attend camp on the days you are working at camp. 


Girls and Boys ages 4 and 5.  Pixies must be 4 years old by July 1. Pixies are invited to stay overnight in their moms' units.


Boys entering 2nd grade and up will participate in our Boys Unit(s) at camp.