Increase your chances of getting into camp

  • Peninsula Girl Scout Day Camp fills up every year, but the children of at-camp volunteers are guaranteed a slot.

  • Camp Support Jobs fill quickly.

  • Campers without a volunteer are automatically placed on a waitlist until enough at-camp positions have been staffed.

Get a bargain!

  • Volunteers receive a substantial discount on your campers' fees.

Check out the Fees page!

Give your other children a summer at camp too!

It can be hard to find a summer camp for children under 7, and as a parent, it can be even harder to let them go! But when you volunteer at day camp, you can enroll your younger children and boys in special units just for them, comfortable in the knowledge that you're nearby.

Bond with your kids and meet their leaders.

Every day, your campers will come home with stories about their day and new songs and skills they've learned. Volunteering at camp offers a fantastic opportunity to live in your children's world and share their summer experience.

Build your confidence.

Day Camp offers a variety of training classes that will walk you through every step of the way. And as a new volunteer, you'll have the opportunity to work with experienced mentors and experience first-hand how much fun it cam be to work with kids.

Make New Friends

Many of our volunteers have so much fun at camp that they keep coming back for years after their kids graduate.