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First-time leaders are paired with experienced leaders and/or aides, who make great mentors and can help you build your confidence..

Did you know...

...that when you volunteer as a unit leader, you allow 8 campers to be removed from the waiting list?

Available Jobs


Full-Time Unit Leader

Are you available the full two weeks? Do you like playing with kids but don't want to do any planning? Do you like having the opportunity to get to know the campers and exercise your maternal side? Do you secretely wish you were a camper yourself? Then you might want to be a Unit Leader. Unit leaders are assigned to a group of 10-16 children and stay with them the entire 2 weeks of camp. Unit Leaders also stay for the overnight. Unit leaders don't have to plan and lead program workshops-- when you arrive at your workshops, you move into "helper" mode as needed while the Program Leaders take center stage. Each unit has two adult leaders PLUS 1-2 aides. Your job is to keep your campers on track, happy, and safe, and to provide a "safe person" the girls feel comfortable with, and to provide mentorship to your aides. And, along with the aides, you get to lead less-structured times like meals, games, and the overnight.


Being a unit leader is a great way to let your younger children and boys stay for the overnight too! Pixies stay with you in your unit.

Ready to sign up and trying to decide what age you feel most comfortable with?

Here are a few tidbits to help with your decision:


The Pixie units are boy/girl units of staffers' younger children. Some kids will be at camp every day; others will come only part-time depending on which days their parents are at camp. These units have their own dedicated program coordinator who provides activities and extra snacks for our youngest campers.

Pixies staying for the overnight will stay with their own parents in their units, so the pixie unit leaders are not required to stay overnight.

Pixie leaders need to be available for a slightly longer day, since other staff members will be dropping off their kids with you when they arrive and picking them up again after camp.

Brownies and Juniors

Brownie and Junior leaders experience a classic Day Camp experience, with a 1-night overnight on the last night. Your formal duties end each day at about 3:45, when the girls arrive at the Singing Tree for closing ceremonies.

Older-Girl Units

Older Girl Units are girls entering 6 - 9th grade.  These girls choose a specialty unit before camp.