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Don't Worry!

Program activities are all planned by the camp's program director, and the materials are prepared by the camp's at-home volunteers. All you have to do is come to camp lead the activities, and have fun with the kids.

And we'll provide all the training you need.

Available Jobs


Full-Time or Part-time Program Leader

Are you someone who likes to lead activities, but need a little down-time every day? Then you might want to be a Program Leader. Every day, camper units attend three workshops about 1.25 hour long. Unit leaders accompany their campers to the worshops, which are led by the Program Leaders. You may lead different workshops every day, or you may lead the same one several times.

Workshops are planned and prepared by the camp's Program Director, and training is provided.

You can be a Program Leader either full time or part time, 3-day or 5-day.

Your younger children and boys can come to camp with you on the days you're at camp.

Program Areas


A variety of age- and developmentally-appropriate crafts,

Outdoor Skills

Build a fire, tie knots, use handheld GPS units, learn knife safety, trail signs, first aid, orienteering, geocaching, etc.


Learning about the ecosystems of Huddart Park and how to preserve and treat them.