2020 Camp Fees

Updated January 10, 2020

Peninsula Day Camp is an all-volunteer camp, which lets us keep our fees very low. And the more you volunteer, the lower your fees! 

Home-job volunteers will pay full camp fees up front. Please indicate during registration that you would like a home job, and the home-job discount ($65 for the first camper) will be refunded upon completion of a home job.

Home jobs are limited and will be awarded on a first-registered, first-served basis until all home-job positions are taken. Adults who register to be a home-job volunteer but are not assigned a home job will not be awarded the discount.

Volunteer Commitment

Camper Fees

At-Camp Staff
Full time

  • First camper is $35*.

  • Additional campers and Tags pay $125*.

  • Guaranteed admission to camp.

  • $35

  • $385 per camper.

  • Guaranteed admission to camp.

  • $525 per camper. 

  • Guaranteed admission to camp.

  • $630 for first camper,
    all other campers are $700.

  • At home job must be completed on time and satisfactorily or your camper will be placed on the waitlist.

Campers with No Adult volunteer

  • $700 per camper.

  • Campers without a volunteer are automatically put on the waiting list, in registration order, until sufficient at-camp adult volunteers are recruited.

*Additional Fee Information:

Camper Type

Camper Fees


May attend camp on the days the full-time adult volunteer is at camp.  Tags pay $125. This is the total fee for all days tags attend camp.

Financial Aid

There are a limited number of financial aid camperships available each year. To qualify for one of these camperships, the following must be met:

  • Register during an open registration period.

  • Acknowledge during the registration process that you are requesting financial aid.

  • Complete the registration process and pay the $180 copayment.

  • An adult must register with the camper requesting financial aid as either an At-Camp or At-Home volunteer and meet and complete all requirements associated with the At-Camp or At-Home volunteer position.

  • Complete and submit the financial aid forms by the deadline for the financial aid committee to review.

Camperships are based on financial need and may or may not be granted for the entire remaining amount of the camp fee that is due.

Delicious Cookies

Cookie Coupons

Cookie coupons or cookie cards may be used for all or partial camp fees. Our online registration system will prompt you to indicate the amount of cookie coupons you will be using. Your registration fees will be adjusted accordingly, and you will be contacted regarding where to mail the coupons or cookie cards.