Aide Expectations and Responsibilities

  1. A positive attitude is the most important quality of a good Aide.
    I will exhibit cheerfulness and enthusiasm at all times especially during kapers, cooking, first thing in the morning, and last thing at night. When events do not go according to plan, I will not panic, but will have a calm and accepting attitude so as to influence the campers in a positive way. I understand that my attitude is the most important thing I have to offer and has more impact on the campers than any other staff member.


  2. I will use language that is supportive to the campers.
    I will be careful not to use slang loosely as the campers and other staff members can easily misinterpret it. I will try to keep this in mind and think first before I speak. I understand that sarcasm has no place in Camp.


  3. I will try to treat all the campers equally and fairly.
    I will refrain from playing favorites or discriminating in any way. I will handle clinging campers gently and without sarcasm. I will support all of the campers' efforts equally no matter how small or insignificant the attempt may be. I understand that all campers have the right to a successful experience at Day Camp and that how I communicate and offer my friendship is a key factor in that success.


  4. I will make every attempt to encourage and allow the campers to do for themselves.
    I will not take over their tasks be it a craft or a chore, but will help support, and encourage them to do for themselves in order for success and independence to grow.


  5. I will exhibit respect for the campers and unit leaders in the way I communicate.
    I will listen to suggestions calmly and respectfully communicate my problems to my unit leaders or to my aide Advisor if necessary. I will express my concerns as soon as possible to an appropriate adult.


  6. I will be a good example to campers by participating enthusiastically in all activities, kapers and projects.
    I will follow all the rules of Day Camp and thus be a good role model at all times.


  7. I realize that my role in a unit will be to help teach the campers songs, games, skills, nature, and all other aspects of camp life.
    I accept being part of the unit staff as a different responsibility than being a camper. In this capacity, I will try to be sensitive to the needs of the campers and the unit leaders.


  8. I will treat my fellow Aides as part of a team working together for the success of everyone at Camp.
    I will share everything possible, including but not limited to my skills, knowledge of camp life, friendship, responsibilities, and cooperation. These attitudes will be extended to include the Aide overnight including sharing food, chores, and other projects.


  9. I will behave in a cheerful, positive and mature fashion, showing leadership, responsibility, cooperation and knowledge as expected of an Aide at Peninsula Girl Scout Day Camp.

The expectations and responsibilities listed above are a compilation of brainstorming sessions held at Huddart Park Aide Training on May 8, 1999. All Aides present participated in this discussion and agreed that these are important parameters to follow at Day Camp.