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DAILY Early Check Out from Day Camp

Parents, if you need to check your camper out early please be at the Camp Headquarters by 2:45 PM. It takes approximately 15 minutes to locate and bring your camper to you.

After 2:45 the campers are gathered for closing events and flag ceremony. After 2:45 it will take approximately 30 minutes to locate your child since all 750+ campers are mixed together and not by unit.

We do not allow any cars moving in the area after 3:00 PM because of the large number of campers.


If your camper is not planning to stay for the overnight you will need to pick them
up at camp
. There is no bus service out of camp on the second Thursday.

If possible, we suggest your camper stay until campfire is over. That gives them the
opportunity to cook and eat with their unit.

Campfire starts at 7:30 PM and you are welcome to come to campfire and leave after
it’s over or pick your daughter up before campfire.

If you are picking her up and leaving before campfire we ask that you come to Headquarters, in the Oak Area to check her out, please do NOT go directly to her unit.

If you are coming and staying for campfire and leaving after, you do not need to
check her out at Headquarters. Please come to the Oak Area and go directly to the
fire ring, not to her unit. We suggest bringing a blanket or lawn chair for yourself.
Campfire starts at 7:30 PM and the park closes the gates at 8:00 PM.

We have keys to unlock the gate and let cars out. At 8:45 PM we will dismiss
Brownie units and all visitors who are leaving. At that time we will open the gates
for parents and any campers who are leaving. We will stop each car at the gate and
ask if you have a camper, you will not need to check your camper out at

You are welcome to bring your camper back in the morning for breakfast and
closing ceremonies. The gates open at 8:00 AM and we ask that you bring your
camper to Headquarters and check them in so we know they are back in camp
Don’t forget the buses roll from camp at noon, pick up times for each bus are on the
camp website under bus schedules.

Camp Headquarters is located in the Oak Area. Please follow the park signs to the Oak Area parking lot and tell the parking volunteer you are picking up a camper.

Thank you, with your cooperation we can get all our campers where they need to be and keep them safe.

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